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GNSS Technology in Support of Air Navigation

December 04th, 2019

Divulgation on YouTube channel

Ítalo Tsuchiya, Rafael Silva Santos and Rogério Takeshi Oyama

INCT GNSS-NavAer now has a YouTube channel for scientific divulgation. The channel was created on December 03, 2019. The first video uploaded was created from the presentation made at 3th Seminário de Avaliação dos INCTs. This video can be viewed below.

Figure 1: Divulgation of GNSSS-NavAer.

A second video was presented at the 3th Seminário de Avaliação dos INCTs and can be viewed in Figure 2. Subscribe to INCT GNSS-NavAer channel and follow future posts.

Figure 2: GNSS-NavAer Presentation on 3th Seminário de Avaliação dos INCTs.